Home Gardener through Commercial Grower Hydroponic Classroom Instruction

Hydroponic ClassesHydro-Stacker is proud to offer classroom instruction to a range of hydroponic gardeners from beginner and intermediate hydroponic growers to large commercial growers. Utilizing our brand-new classroom facility we offer a free beginner class on Saturday mornings and more advanced classes monthly. See our class descriptions below, our hydroponic class schedule, as well as the sign-up form (the sign-up form is in PDF format).

bullet Hydro-Stacker Home Grower Hydroponic Class Description.

bulletHydro-Stacker Commercial Hydroponic Class Description.

bulletHydro-Stacker Class Calendar.

Hydro-Stacker Commercial Hydroponic Class Sign-Up Form (PDF, 209 kB).

Hydro-Stacker Home Grower Hydroponic Class Sign-Up Form (PDF, 136 kB).

Directions to the Hydro-Stacker Classroom:

For directions by air or by car as well as places to stay in the area, please check out classroom directions.

Student Comments about the Classes

Rocky from Michigan:

I never have been to a class where everything was discussed so openly and nothing was held back about how to grow hydroponically. Helped me tremendously.

Kevin from Florida:

The class was well organized, presentation was very clear, instructor answered all questions, lunch that is provided was excellent!

Kathleen from Michigan:

The materials given to us are invaluable. All materials were organized, (not unreadable copies like some classes give.) Best time I have spent learning in a long time.

David from Alaska:

I have attended several hydroponic classes and no one has taken the time and answered every question like this instructor. Materials were very well formatted. All materials were given in layman terms so all could understand them. The food at lunch was very well prepared and delicious!

Stephany from Thailand:

I was afraid I would not understand everything, but the instructor took time to help me understand how everything works. The tour of the working farm with hands on training was very helpful. This was the best class I have ever attended!

Innovative Classroom Education from Hydro-Stacker™

To sign up for either the Commercial Growers class or Home Home Growers class please call the office at (941) 322-9602. Sign-up required 7 days prior to the day of class.

For additional information and to register for classes:

P.O. Box 190
Parrish, FL 34219

All classes and workshops classes are limited. Minimum class size is required. We hope that you enjoy the classes.

Class Schedule:

Sorry, no classes are scheduled at this time.