Home Gardener through Commercial Grower Hydroponic Classroom Instruction

Hydro-Stacker is proud to offer classroom instruction to a range of hydroponic gardeners from beginner and intermediate hydroponic growers to large commercial growers. Utilizing our brand-new classroom facility we offer a free beginner class on Saturday mornings and more advanced classes monthly. See our class descriptions below, our hydroponic class schedule, as well as the sign-up form (the sign-up form is in PDF format).

Hydro-Stacker™ Home Grower Hydroponic Class

This free, 2-hour class is designed for the gardener who is not familiar with the Hydro-Stacker™ system. Topics covered include information about:

  • How the Hydro-Stacker™ is assembled
  • How to plant seeds
  • How to assemble the ½ and ¾ pipes
  • How to use plants
  • How the nutrients flow through the system
  • PH balance
  • The properties of Vermiculite
  • Mixing the Secret Sauce
  • The properties of Perlite
  • Chemicals
Class Schedule

This class is offered most Saturday mornings from 10:00am - noon. Please see the class schedules on the class schedule page. You must be age 14 or older to attend. Classes are held at 7308 Verna Bethany Road, Myakka City, FL 34251.

Registration Policy:

Registration in advance is required and can be made by:

Telephone - Call the office at (941) 322-9602 to register at least 1 week in advance;

Email - Send your name, address, phone number and the date you wish to attend to: hydroman@hydrostacker.com.

Home Grower Class Registration

Printable Registration Form (PDF)

Hydro-Stacker. LLC reserves the right to substitute instructors, change the day(s) a program meets, and cancel programs due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseen circumstances.

Hydro-Stacker™ Commercial Hydroponic Class

This 1-day class is perfect for commercial growers, or potential commercial growers. Topic covered include:

  • How to advertise your business: newspapers, magazines, radio, specialty media.
  • How to develop the 'Plan B' that is a must to survive. This will cover seeds, stackers, PH balance, parts, vegetables.
  • Contacting the potential visitor: home school groups, garden clubs, community groups, social clubs.
  • How to conduct tours. The importance of tours, how to craft a tour that is the right length and provides the right amount and type of information. Working with your local Extension Service.
  • Constructing a Farm. Steps to construction.
  • Using a Greenhouse.
  • Fans/cooling systems.
  • Evaporator Pads.
  • Lighting.
  • Registering your workers for Chemical Spraying.
  • Service after the Sale.
  • What is Bi-organic.
Please check the Class Calendar.

Classes are held at 7308 Verna Bethany Road, Myakka City, FL 34251.

Class Calendar


Registration and Payment Policy:

Registration and payment in advance is required. Call the office at (941) 322-9602 to register at least 1 week in advance or send in your registration form with payment. Payment can be made by:

  1. Filling out the online registration and pay with a credit card
  2. Check (to Hydro-Stacker, LLC) and mailed to Hydro-Stacker, LLC,
    PO Box 190, Parrish, FL 34219
  3. Credit card either by mail or telephone.
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