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Purchase a Hydro-Stacker™ Vertical Hydroponic Garden

Our Hydro-Stacker™ Vertical Hydroponic Garden product catalog. For parts for your existing Hydro-Stacker™ unit, please click here.

Automatic Stacker Units

· Single Stacker Automatic Feed Unit

· Four Stacker Automatic Feed Unit

· Nine Stacker Automatic Feed Unit

· 25 Stack Injected Automatic Feed Unit

· Single Stacker Automatic Add-On

Manual Stacker Units

· Single Stacker Manual Feed Unit


· Secret Sauce 2 Lb

· Secret Sauce 20 lbs


· Milwaukee Digital pH Meter

· Milwaukee Digital EC Meter


· Writing a Business Plan for a Hydroponic Farm


· DVD: How To pH Water

· DVD: Planting your Hydroponic Garden

· DVD: Introduction to Growing with Hydroponics